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Cethin was originally created for Middle-Earth (The Lord of the Rings), but she doesn't have in particular fandom she belogs to, so in 'Verses' there are some for different fandoms, but we can of course discuss about creating our own verse.

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"— Do me a favour and fuck off mate."

Cethin raised her eyebrows. “It’s not like you own this forest, so if you really dislike seeing me here, you’re free to fuck off yourself. Mate.” she said bitterly without looking at the woman in the eye.

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Cethin didn’t have a shirt on on, and she was just taking her jeans off. When she saw Carlisle she almost jumped out of her own skin. “OH MY GOD TURN AROUND!!” Cethin screamed and helplessly tried to cover her bare chest with her hands.


He knew how weird it was for Cethin to be the only one who was eating around of here. Carlisle definitely needed to think of better excuses. He always ate whenever she wasn’t around. Or well he told her. But that was not the case. He would feed, but not on food. Their definition of food were definitely different. 

Carlisle had thought of something, it perhaps sounded weird but it could pass. If he would bring it with some confidence. That would usually do the trick. Carlisle had started cooking. Sure it was still morning but he knew what would be the best for her. Scrambled eggs, bacon, freshly made orange juice, freshly baked buns, and some milk. If that wouldn’t be enough for him. 

The fact that Cethin stayed upstairs for a while slightly made him worried. He wasn’t sure what she was thinking. Fortunately she came downstairs before he decided to check up on her. Carlisle smiled nodding in her direction before he returned his attention towards of the food he was cooking. If she were to ask him why he wasn’t eating along, he would have the perfect explanation. Or well, he thought.


Cethin returned the smile as she walked to the kitchen. Carlisle really seemed to be in his own worlds today. Sure, he was a little weird every day, but he didn’t usually leave conversations open like he just had.

She looked at the bacon he was cooking. “Smells good.” she finally said after a long silence. “Thanks again for doing all this for me.” she said and smiled a little bit. He really seemed awfully silent today, and she didn’t really know why.

"You’re not eating with me today either?" she asked and leaned on the kitched countertop. She knew the answer was most likely ‘no’, but at least it was worth a try.


"Good!" he grinned. It was a good sign that she seemed to like it. Carlisle looked down and soon enough put her food down upon a plate, presenting it to her before putting it down in front of her. "Of course," he smiled while he washed his hands. He looked down at his hands for a moment, as if he was focussed up on washing them. 

"No, I have a special diet which requires me to eat at specific times, I can’t eat all the food," Carlisle turned, smiling in her direction. As a doctor he felt like he had a little more credibility when it came to explaining/lying about such things. He knew a little about food. He had no idea when it came to flavor, but he knew which ones would cause an allergic reaction or which ones were bad. 

It felt nice to finally figure a valid reason.

Cethin kept her smile as he present the plate in front of her. She took a fork in her hand, and tried some of it. It was surprisngly good. Though it was a little difficult to screw up on a simple dish like that. “This is really good.” she said and took some more of the scrambled eggs.


She frowned and turned to look at Carlisle. “–Huh. Interesting.” she said thoughtfully as she eyed Carlisle in disbelief. There was definetly something he wasn’t telling her. She put the fork down and crossed her arms. “You got Coeliac disease? Allergies?” she asked, really wanting to know what was going on. She was hiding things herself, but they were easy to hide; apparently easier than Carlisle’s secrets.


Carlisle gave her a small smile. The fact that she enjoyed his food, made clear that he still knew how much to take of everything. Not being able to taste it or know how it taste was difficult. It was probably his only flaw, not knowing how to cook perfectly. He could follow the TV or just a book, but he would never know if his dish was perfect.

"No Coeliac disease, I’m allergic to wheat," he turned his head. Wheat is a product that is used in several products. Sure eggs and bacon weren’t exactly products which contained wheat, but that did not mean he should eat it. Like Carlisle had explained before, he had his diet. Or well, he claimed he had one. "I’m more comfortable with eating what and when my diet says. Just to be sure, I couldn’t afford it to get sick and miss a week of work," he could afford it, but he would feel terrible. If he would be able to get sick in the first place. 

Cethin nodded slowly as she ate some more of the bacon and scrambled eggs. Something was seriously fishy about this ‘diet’ of Carlisle’s. I haven’t heard of a diet that didn’t allow you to eat in front of others, she thought to herself hiding a smile.

But she shrugged it off and smiled at him her dark green eyes sparkling. “Who am I to say anything about your diet? You eat what you like.” she said and smiled slightly. She couldn’t really judge if he actually did have a diet, or a diet at all. In her dragon form she has in the end eaten things that many would find disgusting. “It’s not like I’m the doctor here.” she joked.

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*hugs* I’m dorry for what happened :( just take a deep breath. You’ll be alright *hug*

/*hugs* thank you.. I’m beginning to cool down already :)

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Out of North

/Under the ‘Read More’ is a rant about my sister. I just had to get this out of me, sorry you guys.

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/I just saw Dracula Untold with anarchycastiel. Holy fucking shit it was good. And damn son Luke’s abs are to die for…

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Send me “I love you” and I’ll generate a number from 1-20 to see how my muse responds.


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If I reply to you really quickly, it’s because I love you a whole lot and I really want you to see my reply

If I reply to you really slowly, it’s also because I love you and I want you to be proud of my writing

So don’t feel unspecial if I take forever or if I reply way too quickly. I just love everyone a lot.

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Finishing all my drafts:


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"You can’t be a killer and a hero. It doesn’t work that way."

Brian Moser, Dexter. (via nxymria)
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